Who we are

We are an Architectural Studio established in Alicante in 2005.

The professional activity carried out by us is normally based in the geographical area of the Valencian Community, especially on the Costa Blanca coast, and is directed mainly to the development of Architecture Projects and Construction Management for both public administration and the private sector. On the other hand, the development of our professional activity over time has led us to other related professional fields, which has allowed us to also provide Technical Assistance and Consulting Services of all kinds.

Throughout our careers we have dealt with all kinds of projects, this fact has allowed us to meet and select the best consultants, builders, industrialists, etc., as well as learn more about the management of the entire construction process. As a result, we usually offer our customers representation, acting as single interlocutor with any of the agents involved (public administration, industrial, technical, etc.) leading the management, coordination, control and production processes.

The firm´s work philosophy is almost handmade and very personal and we like that. We understand our work as a process in which excellence is pursued, and where there is a double objective; fully meet the objectives of the client or user, and to achieve beauty through building. To this end, rigor, seriousness and commitment are key to the working system. We only have our word, and when we commit ourselves, we really do it until the end.

We do not ask our customers to simply trust in us, we offer instead detailed work plans, with precise indication of every step of the process, in such a way as to be assured in advance of how we will advance together to the total satisfaction of their objectives.

Quienes somos


José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo. Architect + Technical Architect

Nathalie De Vuyst. Interior Designer


Eduardo Díez Guerrier (IDEEE). Structural Analysis and Design

Gaspar Valencia García. Facilities Analysis and Design

David Berenguer Solbes. Facilities Analysis and Design

Javier Blasco maestro. Industrial Management

Luís de Diego Fort. Technical Architect

Ernesto Pérez Colomina. Technical Architect

José Manuel Puerta González. Technical Architect

Carlos Romero Chillón. Topography

Inmaculada Aznar García. Legal Adviser


1970. Madrid, Spain

1994. Bachelor´s Degree in Technical Architecture. Escuela Universitaria de Arquitectura Técnica. University of Seville

2000. Sócrates-Erasmus Scholarship. Facultá di Archittetura e Disegno. University of Milan

2001. Master´s Degree in Arquitecture. Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura. University of Valladolid

2004. Assistant Professor. Area of Graphic Expression in Architecture. Escuela Politécnica Superior. University of Alicante

2005. CEO and Founder at CANTÓ ARQUITECTOS

2015. Master´s Degree in Project Management. University of Alicante

2016. Assistant Professor. Area of Urban Planning and Spatial Planning. Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura y Edificación. Polytechnic University of Cartagena

2017. Secretary of the College of Architects of Alicante


1974. Gante, Bégica

1997. Master´s Degree in Fine Arts, Graphic and Interior Design. Sint-Lucas University College of Art and Design de Amberes

2012. Partner at CANTÓ ARQUITECTOS


2nd Prize | Cemetery Extension of Guardo | Guardo, Palencia 2015

1st Prize | Marina Management and Customer Service Building. Port of Denia | Denia, Alicante 2004

2nd Prize | Official Architects Association of Alicante Headquarters | Elda, Alicante 2003

Special Award | Cultural Centre | Orzinuovi, Brescia (Italy) 2000


Alicante Official Architects Association | 2006-2007 Architecture Exhibition | Alicante 2008

“Marina Management and Customer Service Building. Port of Denia”


Recent Architecture in Alicante. ARA 07 | ViA Architecture | Spain. ISSN 1888-3702

Valbuena Abbey. Drawings | Cátedra de Análisis de Formas I  de la ETSAV | Spain, ISBN 84-7009-455-6

Competition for the European Architecture Students | City of Orzinuovi


(+34) 965 264 203

(+34) 679 941 684


Plaza Portal de Elche 6, 1, 03001

Alicante, Spain