Reforma Integral de una vivienda unifamiliar en El Altet. Proyecto.

The received commission consists of a comprehensive reform of a single family house and the plot’s outdoor space. The property in question dates back to the 60s and it is a good example of the architecture of the time, although its state of conservation undermines some of its values due to lack of maintenance and several interventions.  It is about a new distribution of the house in order to meet the requirements dictated by the client, which includes an independent guest pavilion on the ground floor and adjust and optimize the garden and pool space, as well as to exploit all its full potential.

Reforma Integral de una vivienda unifamiliar en El Altet.

Our intervention proposes a new distribution of space, so that the main housing is placed on the first floor, the guest pavilion on the ground floor and finally, on deck, a space for socializing and for common enjoyment is located.

The whole house is closed to the north and to the views of the adjoining property, and it opens up to the south and to the countryside.  Situated on the northern flank, there are the main circulation axis,  a lineal staircase outside the facade which connects all areas that make up the usual path for the inhabitants; parking and ground floor access, access to the main house on the first floor, and access to the enclosed balcony on the roof floor. And all this with physical and visual independence from the possible guests staying at the guest pavilion.

Regarding the handling of the outdoor space, all those elements that we consider foreign or improper are being eliminated, limiting ourselves to the improvement of the original volume measurements. In order to do this, the facades are treated evenly by applying a smooth plaster of lime, thus in turn the volume is exalted and the plastic qualities of the building can be valued. Finally, gardens are arranged, depending on the sunlight and on the new program, respecting the existing leafy trees.

Reforma integral de una vivienda Unifamiliar en El Altet.
Urbanización. Urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Viviendas de lujo.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Integral Refurbishment of a Singular Family House-MR House

Location: El Altet, Alicante

Year: 2014

Area: 164,67 m2

Budget: 78.500 euros

Client: Private

Type: Commission

Status: Project


Project Architect: José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo