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The competition’s objective is to adapt an existing facility as the new headquarters of the regional boundaries of Elda-Villena of the  Territorial College of Architects of Alicante in the city of Elda.

The proposal presents a headquarters scheme in which two very different activities can coexist such as an effective collegial management and the execution of educational, expository, etc activities without undermining its efficiency and character due to the place’s heterodox quality.

In this line, a spacial solution is proposed.  It leverages and emphasizes the tension by proximity, between the floor and the ceiling’s layout, as if two drops of water it were, trying to reach each other, but in this case, a displacement of these two layouts avoids contact, and causes an extruded space where the division between the space for management and the multipurpose room is subtle but effective, providing a dynamic character to the first and a static character to the second.  In this way it promotes the idea of a demarcation which is understood as a rapid management point for architects, while a clean and versatile space for the various activities is achieved.

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The strategy is very simple, a floor compartmentalized in bars, where the two main spaces, processing + visa and the multipurpose room are in open connection with public roads and flanked by ancillary spaces that serve them and regularize the arbitrary path and the residual layout.  As a culmination to this battery of spaces with no apparent interruption, there is a polished plan of glass parlante, which functions as a lantern (or lamp), collecting the light from the existing patio, hiding the restrooms, and showing us the library + conference room, which shows all spaces at the same time.  A particular emphasis is made on being able to reveal and appreciate the section of space and consequently its organization, and this is possible thanks to that average dispensing space between visiting and customer service, library and service spaces, it is in this space where the viewer becomes aware of the headquarter’s organization, while “discovering” how to move from one area to another, which, from our point of view, brings a certain playful tension that enriches the intervention.

On the other hand, it has been attempted to provide the centerpiece with the ability to condense the capacity of various situations, thanks to a simple but effective movement of screens, which achieves according to each case, the obstruction and separation of the managerial area, the multiplication of the exhibition space and the alteration of the spatial organization, all without distorting the clear spatial organization that presides over the project.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Official Architects Association of Alicante Headquarters

Location: Elda, Alicante

Year: 2003

Area: 226,88 m2

Budget: 91.700 €

Client: CTAA

Type: Competition

Status: Design | 2nd Prize


Project Architects: Marian Cáliz Cámara + Javier Vázquez Ramos + José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo