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The intervention carried out consisted of the comprehensive demolition of a house between two plants, located in the neighborhood of San Anton de Alicante. The house occupied a limited area and it barely received light through its only facade.  Only the façade’s blueprint was kept after the mentioned demolition, since it was to be used as a starting point from the inside for reconstruction of all the livable areas as well as for building an additional third level (floor).

The recipients, who are architecture lovers, had the desire to fully exploit the potential of the spatial qualities of such a small space, so it was decided to transform the building section into the star of the intervention. A spiral staircase in the center of the plant acts as the backbone of the house. The space occupied by it, which is topped by a skylight that introduces the zenithal light throughout the day, functions as an interior patio. The different rooms of the house overlook this patio, and therefore it provides not only natural light but also crossed visual relations hence enhancing multiple perceptions of the living space and ultimately achieving the goal of transforming a limited a space into a large one.  The difference between the pre-existing facade and the extension, lies on the contrast between the clean new volume and the original facade dating from the early twentieth century.

Arquitectura Alicante. Proyectos de Arquitectura. Arquitectos Dénia. Vivienda Unifamiliar. Reformas de locales.
Arquitectura Alicante. Proyectos de Arquitectura. Arquitectos Altea. Vivienda Unifamiliar. Construcción.
Proyectos de Arquitectura. Arquitectos Alicante. Reformas de viviendas unifamiliares.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Refurbishment of a Singular Family House-GNMB House

Location: Alicante

Year: 2004-2006

Area: 107,85 m2

Budget: 31.707 euros

Client: Private

Type: Status

Status: Complete


Project Architec: José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo