Arquitecto especializado en Viviendas en Alicante, Altea, Dénia y javea. Reformas y Obra nueva.

The commissioning of this project is done by a local developer and in order to build a house for sale to third parties. The only requirement is that the cost of it is less than 100,000 euros and that its execution would have a maximum duration of one year. Regarding the rest, there is freedom of action. The place where it is located is a plot of undeveloped common ground on the outskirts of the city of Onil, which include the distant views to the south, a gentle slope to this orientation, and the presence of the natural environment, woodland, olive groves and shrubbery in abundance.

The house is proposed with an elementary but clearly organized program. A lobby for access and distribution articulates the areas of the house, the living room and kitchen are located on the west end of the house and the bedroom area located at the opposite end. Likewise, all the home’s program is oriented facing the south, looking for views and light thanks to the large openings, while the service package is relegated towards the north. The internal circulation is lit by a skylight on the deck. The house is conceived as a watchtower, a place from which to see and to be seen. A white gazebo perched on rural nature, uses a small pool to incorporate even more if possible, the surrounding landscape.

The whole house is solved using a very careful measure and a structural system based on only two frames 7 meters apart from each other, coinciding with the section of the housing, in order to release the plant and in turn expedite its implementation. The rest of the building systems are the most known and economical ones, which allowed its execution to be solvent and within budget and on time.

Vivienda unifamiliar de nueva construcción en Onil. Estudio de Arquitectura Alicante. Dirección de Obra.
Vivienda unifamiliar de nueva construcción en Onil. Estudio de Arquitectura Alicante. Arquitectos Altea.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Singular Family House-LS House

Location: Onil, Alicante

Datum: 2005-2007

Area: 151,37 m2

Budget: 87.750 euros

Client: Private

Type: Commission

Status: Complete


Project Architect: José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo

Project Technical Architect: José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo