Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante. Arquitectura Técnica.

We are met with a pre-existing building destined to be a Social Centre which currently does not meet the needs of the municipality. The new claimed necessities program, a bar-cafeteria, a multipurpose room and the associated services implies a complete internal redistribution. At the same time, its condition is poor and to update its building systems and facilities would involve the renewal of the material elements of the building in question, so it was decided to demolish the existing building and propose a new one from scratch. The urban space where the building is located is set in a small pedestrian secluded area, adjacent to the main artery of the town and in connection with the Calle Mayor and through it, with its urban landmarks. The building therefore occupies a privileged position for observing and for it to be observed.

Reforma Integral de un Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante. Control de Calidad.
Reforma Integral de un Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante. Seguridad y Salud.

The intervention aims to create a building that optimizes its relationship with the outside space, placing value on the urban space representing the Moreno Navarrete square, and that becomes a reference not only for the people of Noviercas, but for anyone who crosses the town down the La Marta street. In short, our first goal is that the building with the treatment proposed for the exterior space associated with it, becomes a representative milestone in line with its public space, all without sacrificing the contemporaneity. Moreover, we propose a versatile building which can conform flexibly to the various activities that a building of this type often hosts; from small cultural events to all kinds of meetings. Also but not least, we hope that the new building is an example of the best features of comfort, functionality and economy, and that it can be built with economic solvency and security thanks to an affordable construction system and of easy execution.

Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante. Proyecto y Dirección de Obra.

The proposal follows the traces of the existing building, ie also consists of a building in “L”, although in this case the access and the main uses of the building are located in the outer area of this figure, where they can take advantage of the sun coming in from the south and east orientation.  Thus, an effective organization is achieved that allows associating flows of visitors to the sunny areas of the plaza surrounding the building, relegating the shadowy sides to the building’s flow of the service or maintenance personnel This provision thus reflects itself in the openings of the facades, which act like large cyclopean eyes in the common areas of the building, framing the views of the square and to the main street in the case of the multipurpose room or onto the La Marta street at the bar-cafeteria; and showing the interior living space deliberately warm and extroverted in order to attract the pedestrians to itself. On the contrary, the facades belonging to the service spaces are provided with openings with coplanar latticework in order to blend in with them and hide the activity taking place behind them.

Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante.

With regard to the organization of spaces for the public, the bar-cafeteria and the multipurpose room, are located respectively on the sunny sides of the arms of the “L”, which are accessed via the entrance hall which is separated from these by sliding screens that allow to incorporate it into either space or even convert all the rooms into a single space, allowing the building to accommodate events of varying magnitude. This flexibility is also reflected in the coffee bar which has been enabled to operate independently from the rest of the building, saving resources for its operation.

Finally,the arrangement that is outlined for the exterior space is associated with the building. An operation that involves leaving out architectural barriers involved by sudden changes in existing levels through the pavement with the same existing cobblestone across the plaza. Also, existing trees are distributed in the eastern flank in order to delimit a clean space between the square and the building, which is closed at its southern flank with a wall that serves as a parapet at the descent down La Marta street and that will support the climbing vegetation planted in the linear planter joined to the beginning of this wall. In this manner, a simple and clear urban space that acts in symbiosis with the building is achieved.

Reforma Integral de un Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante. reformas de Locales Comerciales.
Reforma Integral de un Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante. Proyectos de viviendas.

With respect to its construction and material definition, a building is projected respecting the aesthetic parameters of urban norms and values of traditional architecture. Proof of this is the use of load-bearing walls and supporting structure, wood as a characteristic element in the resolution of the exterior and interior trim and as a qualifier element of the noble spaces, and the emphasis on the roof of the building as an iconic and representative element . However, the proposal does not renounce contemporaneity, and even respecting the above mentioned values, it proposes a new logic in using these traditional elements exploiting their expressiveness. Regarding the use of environmental design criteria, the proposal has a thermal envelope which will significantly reduce the building’s energy consumption and preserve the decided conditions of temperature and humidity at any time.  Moreover, the building is equipped with the most efficient, economical and clean heating system there is, underfloor heating, which is complemented by an air conditioning system (ventilation + cold + heat) that takes advantage of the natural cycles of convection that happen due to the geometry of the building’s section in order to improve its performance. The proposal is to make use of the energy efficiency both traditional conditioning systems as the current ones.

Reforma Integral de un Centro Social. Obra Pública. Arquitectura Alicante.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Social Centre of Noviercas

Location: Noviercas, Soria

Year: 2016

Area: 328,49 m2

Budget: 255.081,84  euros

Client: Noviercas City Council

Type: Competition

Status: Design


Project Architect: José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo