Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante.

The objective of the contest is in the north side of the historic center of the city of Vejer de la Frontera, along with its surrounding landscape, made up by a romantic park and a vacant and underused area at its feet which means that it is a wound in the valuable plant tissue that surrounds it and frames it, with two access roads ineffective for the existing traffic volume.

We intend to work on restoring the damaged plant tissue through a predominantly green park, whose extension is as large as possible, and that serves as a link member between the natural environment and the urban fabric, in which the built applications and traffic routes that are in demand, won’t compete or interfere visually with the city and the landscape.

We want to act firmly but quietly, qualifying a place that is already beautiful, which can see and be seen, in perfect harmony with what already exists, stressing on the landscape and environmental values.

Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Locales comerciales.

The goals we set for ourselves are based on three decisions:

First is to associate the parking of vehicles and the interchanger of urban transport, in a single volume below ground level, positioning the mentioned prism on the northern boundary of the project area, where currently the current on surface vehicle parking platform is located, which sits on a layer of fillers that extends to the aforementioned limit. This decision on the one hand allows us to release the entire surface above ground and destine it to the equipped park, and secondly, due to the topography of the land, provide it with natural ventilation and views to that volume below ground at a minimal cost. Thus the bulk of the built mass demanded by the program is hidden, where the main entrance of the transport interchange and pavilion entrance are the only ones that surface above ground to the historic center, which in turn are respectively mimicked with the park itself and the city.

Urbanización. Urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Naves Industriales.
Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Inspección Técnica de Edificios.

Secondly and clearly related to the above, we have the requested connection road, parallel to the north side of that volume. This road will not only be used to support the flow of traffic between the access roads to the city, but also it will bring together the traffic of private vehicles, buses and urban transport that go towards to the parking area and the transport interchange, furthermore it will be alienated and hidden from the park itself and the city.

Thirdly, we decided that the covering of the volume below ground should be a plant cover that restores the continuity of the existing plant mass and that brings new green areas designed to accommodate the requested and equipped uses of the park.

Regarding the equipped park, we have designed it as a green carpet in a flexible arrangement of uses, so that they can be reconfigured over time depending on the needs demanded with the only premise that the logic of its organization obeys an organic approach that avoids provisions or predictable paths, leaving to the discretion of the visitor to tour the park as he chooses to without marking any paths unless strictly necessary like for example, connecting the reasons of application and / or maintenance items together or with the city itself. So, the organization of the park is not as important as its ability to host events and various provisions of uses, keeping always invariant features, its “green” character and its ability to offer a variety of new points from which visual relations with the landscape and the city can be established.

Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Arquitectos Alicante.

The performance is completed by providing the necessary connections between the equipped park and the city through a performance at the Avenida de los Remedios which embraces the total practice, consisting of an improvement in its path since its inception after the A- 48 to the pedestrianization in the section that runs between Plaza Andalusí and the Plazuela.  Likewise, as part of this viewpoint walk in continuity with the descent from La Corredera a viewpoint walk is also proposed, which flies over the gap towards the park and at the same time, the park plays the role of the representative entrance of the city that it gives access to, a path that ends at the information and tourism office, final prelude to the arrival to Vejer de la Frontera.

In short, the performance is summarized in the creation of a green carpet that detains a gap in the thickness where two built pieces emerge and respectively respond to the environment in which they are located (transport interchange and entry pavilion)which are configured as two large frames oriented towards the landscape from which to observe and to be observed.

Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Jardinería y Paisaje.
Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Reformas de viviendas.
Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Obra Pública.
Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano.
Urbanización. urbanismo y Diseño urbano. Arquitectura Alicante. Arquitectos Alicante.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Works for the improvement of Accessibility to the Historical Centre of Vejer de la Frontera

Location: Vejer de la Frontera, Cádiz

Year: 2009

Area: 27.400 m2

Budget: 5.297.165 euros

Client: Vejer de la Frontera City Council

Type: Competition

Status: Design


Project Architects: Daniel Avilés Redondo + José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo