Obras de urbanización en Alicante. Proyecto y Dirección de Obra.

This intervention responds to one of the various stages that the city of Alicante established to undertake from the improvement works in the neighborhood of Juan XXIII, a neighborhood of social housing on the outskirts of Alicante which presented, among other deficiencies, poor conditions and accessibility issues to the homes due to the steep topography of the land where the majority of the homes are settled. Our intervention corresponds to Phase 7 of the project and its purpose was to:

-The endowment of pedestrian routes accessible to people with reduced mobility from at least one of the tracks from which there is access to the intervention area to each of the various gateways of the homes, removing existing architectural barriers.

-The endowment of rest zones associated to the homes, that facilitate the meeting and recreation of its inhabitants.

-The improvement of the environmental quality of the outdoor spaces of the homes, through a rational design thereof, based on the improvement of the functionality of the design of these spaces and the use of suitable and low maintenance materials.

-The endowment of a traffic road that allows if necessary, access to the proximity to the housing for maintenance and emergency vehicles.

These premises are reflected in the intervention carried out, and consisted of the creation of pedestrian paths composed of ramps and stairs adjacent to blocks of housing overlooking the area of intervention, alternating with the rest areas endowed with gardens and woodland. These walkways are confined and structured by a traffic road intended for emergency vehicles, which coordinates and directs the vacant space between buildings.

Obras de urbanización en Alicante. Proyecto y Dirección de Obra. Urbanismo Alicante.
Reforma Integral de una vivienda unifamiliar en Alicante. Arquitectura en la Costa Blanca. Obra pública.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Works for the improvement of Accessibility to District of Juan XXII in Alicante

Location: Alicante

Year: 2008-2010

Area: 8.200 m2

Budget: 298.826,42 euros

Client: Alicante City Council

Type: Competition

Status: Complete


Project Architect: José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo