Lecturer Assistant at ETSAE in Cartagena
02/11/2016 | Distinctions

We joined back to college, but this time to work as replacement teachers in the subject of Urban Planning 1 at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura y Edificación in the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. This subject is part of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning which belongs to the Department of Architecture and Building Technology.

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They have begun work on the restaurant El Cielo !
25/10/2016 | Built

They have started work on the restaurant El Cielo. The construction will be carried out by a great team and will last four months, which is scheduled for completion by early February.

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We completed the project for the restaurant El Cielo
25/08/2016 | Projects

We have completed the project Restaurant El Cielo !
The project involves the adaptation of commercial premises to establish a facility for a restaurant, whose cuisine will combine the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and elaborations more complex edge, offering customers two distinct environments: a lively bar on the ground floor and an exclusive and intimate dining room on the mezzanine floor, which is destined to become a true paradise for lovers of good food.

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PPVC House has been finished
03/04/2016 | Built

After a year of working process, we have entered the final stretch. PPVC House is about to finish. What we have in front of us is as important as eveything already built. Let´s go for it !

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RM House has been finished
16/04/2015 | Built

We have finished the RM House whose project has been carried out by Far Studio, an Architectural Studio from Madrid and good friend of us. We have provided Technical Assistance to the team that has leaded the construction works. It has been a pleasure working with Francisco Alonso and his team.

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Competition entry for the Guardo Cemetery Extension | 2nd Prize
31/03/2015 | Awards, Competitions, Projects

Last February was convened the competition for the project to extend the Cemetery of Guardo (Palencia). Today we have been announced that we have obtained the 2nd Prize. Good for us !

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The works of the development of 32 flats and commercial of El Campello has been completed
30/05/2014 | Built

After nearly 8 years of work, countless vicissitudes, and in the middle of a crisis we have completed this building, and in which many people have struggled against all odds by taking this matter forward. Today we can say that together, we can make it through it all. Congratulations.

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Exhibition of the architecture sample in Alicante 2006-2007 CTAA
26/01/2012 | Distinctions

The Marina Management and Customer Services Building of the Port of Denia, has been selected in the Architecture Sample of Alicante 2006-2007 and we have been informed that it will be part of an exhibition at the social headquarters of CTAA.

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Alicante Apellation Board Offices has been completed
15/03/2011 | Built

The works of the Alicante Appellation Board Offices have been completed. It is a work whose project we carried out in cooperation with Consuelo Arguelles, mentor and friend. And although we have not directed the works and the result is far from what we imagined it to be, we look forward to sharing this news.

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Inaguration of Juan XXIII
05/02/2010 | Built

Today the members of the Alicante Council have officially inaugurated the works of the accessibility improvement of the Phase 7 of the John XXIII neighborhood. These are consistent works aimed at providing pedestrian and vehicle access to social housing. It’s a work of eminent social character in a very run down area of the city, and which we hope,will contribute at least a little to the improvement in the lives of its inhabitants.

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The BSCH House has been completed
05/09/2009 | Built

We have finally completed the works of the BSCH House. A very special home for many things …

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Publication in ViA Arquitectura ARA.07
01/03/2008 | Distinctions

The number of ViA Arquitectura magazine dedicated to the recent architecture of Alicante in 2007 (ARA.07) publishes the Marina Management and Customer Services Building for the Port of Denia.

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We concluded the works of the LS House in Onil
17/07/2007 | Built

We have finished the works of the single family house we were building in Onil. A minimum budget housing in a really beautiful setting.

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Block of 6 flats in castalla completed
28/06/2007 | Built

We have completed our first block of flats, a small building of 6 great homes in the city of Castalla, which we hope will make everyone happy.

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The Marina Services Building of the Port of Denia has begun its operations
29/05/2007 | Awards, Built, Competitions

We have completed the work of the service building for the management and attention to the nautical-sports area 3 users of the Port of Denia, and finally we can show you some images of its operation.

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We introduced our project to the Islamic Cultural Centre of Alicante
18/05/2007 | Projects

After several months of hard work, today we present a very singular commission, a prefabricated Islamic Cultural Centre, which aims to provide the Islamic community living in our country, a standardized building, of easy construction and assembly and one that can comply with the meeting and cult requirements at a minimal cost.

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GNMB House ready for occupation
05/10/2006 | Built

We have finally completed a comprehensive reform to an old building located in the center of Alicante, in order to make a couple’s dream come true, who by the way, has a pretty good idea of what they want. Hopefully, we nailed it.

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We have completed the CESSER Headquarters
27/04/2005 | Built

After a long process of almost three years, we have completed the construction of the building that will be the future head office of CESSER, in which we have carried out a technical assistance as Executive Directors.

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Competition for the granting and exploitation of the nautical-sports area 3of the Port of Denia | 1st PRIZE
20/02/2005 | Awards, Competitions

Last September there was an invitation to compete for the concession and subsequent operation of the nautical-sports area 3 of the Port of Denia wherein we concurred with the company LICUAS SA for the realization of a service building for the management and attention to the customers of this area, which should be part of the intervention proposed by the company. Today we were told that we have obtained the 1st prize.

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The CM House has been completed
24/11/2004 | Built

The CM House we were executing in Alicante next to the golf course, has been finished.

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Assistant Lecturer at the EPS in the University of Alicante
01/10/2004 | Distinctions

This year Jose Antonio Cantó Hidalgo has joined the Escuela Politécnica Superior de Alicante as an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Graphic Expression and Cartography. We will try to share some of what others have taught us before.

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Competititon of the Regional Headquarters of Elda-Villena of the School of Architects of Alicante | 2nd Prize
24/09/2003 | Awards, Competitions, Projects

In June there was an invitation to compete for the adaption of the new head office of the regional demarcation Elda Villena Territorial School of Architects in the city of Elda (Alicante). Today, we have been told that we have obtained the 2nd prize.

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Our project for the competition “Il Futuro della Memoria” in Orzinuovi, Brescia (Italy) has been published
01/04/2001 | Competitions, Distinctions

The Comune of Orzinuovi has published a catalog that includes the projects presented in the “Future Il della Memoria” competition,where 82 teams from across Europe,have competed and in which we got a special prize, a mention of honor highlighting the quality of the presented proposal.

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“Il Futuro della Memoria” Competition | Special Award
05/07/2000 | Awards, Competitions, Projects

Last February there was an invitation for a design competition for Architecture students from European Universities and for young architects. This competition was promoted by the City of Orzinuovi (Brescia, Italy) whose objective was to make a Cultural Center. Today we have been told that we won a “Speciale Award”.

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