Edificio de viviendas, garajes, locales comerciales y piscina en El Campello. Proyecto.

The received commission consisted in updating and adapting to the new market needs, a project of a block of 24 flats that originally belonged to a 1991 residential complex, and where only 95 of the 119 homes were implemented. Finally, after 8 years of work and countless changes, it ran a building of 32 homes, with a provision of parking spaces, storage rooms, commercial premises and a pool. It started from a pre-existing plan, which encountered a thousand and one obstacles of legal, regulatory and economic nature, which extremely limited the freedom of action.

The proposed solution is a linear block that staggers itself in order to respond to the slope of the place and that has a very simple and easy to read organizational structure. In height, a heavy socket intended for commercial spaces serves to support a light and luminous body intended for homes that are above it This cant was the volumetric proposal to conserve the developmental potential and to enable the tracked route imposed by the urban planning which depleted the original volume of the building. The transition between the two bodies is produced by large hanging beams, which originally manifested on the facade. These beams confined between brick panes from both zones intended to provide an expressive and plastic value to the adopted structural solution. With respect the floor layout, the building offers a Cartesian facade to the north where the main road is and where the service spaces and secondary bedrooms are. The regularity of the facade is altered by two large cracks fragmenting the volume to introduce enrich its reading. To the south, the volume is completed with large linear terraces lead by halls and master bedrooms, thus, allowing the enjoyment of the distant view of the sea, the swimming pool and the surrounding vegetation.

Edificio de viviendas en El Campello. Arquitectura Alicante. Dirección de Obra.
Edificio de viviendas en El Campello. Arquitectura Alicante.
Edificio de viviendas, garajes, locales comerciales y piscina en El Campello. Dirección de Obra.

Department: Architectural Services

Title: Mixed-use Development of 32 Flats and Commercial

Location: El Campello, Alicante

Year: 2006-2014

Area: 5.110,75 m2

Budget: 2.110.725,25 euros

Client: NG Viviendas SL

Type: Commission

Status: Complete


Projects Architects: Alejandro Ybarra Huesa + José Antonio Cantó Hidalgo